Transform Your Coaching Website into Results

Ever wondered why other online Coaching Businesses get results and yours doesn’t, or why you rarely get customers through your Coaching Website? IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

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Are you a coach? Me too
Are you a web designer? I am
Do you want a successful website? Let me help you

I know what goes through your mind when thinking about having a website. Should I hire a professional designer? Do it myself? What is SEO and how can I use it to my benefit? What on Earth is a keyword!!

As a coach before a web designer, I went through the same ordeals and many more. So I studied and learned and the rest is history. 

I want to put all the knowledge and experience I have acquired throughout these years at your service.

Web Designer on WordPress & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) adviser
Marketing online adviser
Sales adviser for coaching businesses

Website Design for Coaches
Boost your Success

You don’t need a spectacular website. You need a website that attracts potential customers. And THAT is what we’re going to aim for: results for your online coaching business.


Is your website VISIBLE in Google?

It is a known fact that the more qualified traffic to any given website, more sales it will be able to convert. And viceversa. If your coaching website is not bringing you potential customers, that’s the reason why. 

Qualified traffic refers to visits by users who are ACTIVELY searching the internet to find a solution to their problem, often even to make a purchase.  

Qualified traffic to a coaching site, for example, would be attained when someone googles “coaching for couples” and finds your website in the Google results page.

Most web designers ignore that fact as they’re more concerned with providing the customer with a website they visually like, without informing them that, as spectacular as the website might be, it actually has no visibility because nobody will ever find it by searching in Google.

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Professional Website Designer & Coach

I’d rather hear what you have to say, what your concerns are and how you’d like to solve them. But I guess that for you it’s also important to know a little bit about me as a professional website designer and how I turned out to be THAT, after becoming a coach.

Easy. When I finished my coaching studies in 2010, the first thing I wanted was a coaching website. I spent so many hours learning, hiring professionals, WordPress and SEO classes… it turned out I loved website design. More about your web coach.

I need to feel that what I do serves a purpose, makes a difference

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Building your Site

If you want an online coaching business that brings you potential customers, VISIBILITY is paramount.

In the process of website design for coaches (therapists, counsellors…), we’ll first identify your niche. This will help us determine keywords to posit your site in Google so that your potential customers will be more likely to find it (visibility).

We’ll then proceed to your coaching website design.

After the website design is finished, I will teach you how to manage it yourself in WordPress so that you don’t need to rely on third parties, not even myself as a website designer.

Let me take you into a deeper experience, make your site a mirror of your passion. Let’s build your online business for lasting and greatest results.
Web Coaching – A radical new approach to website design