visibility is key to your online business

There are thousands of potential customers searching in Google for a service like yours. But they are not aware that you exist. You must raise awareness of your coaching website to those potential customers. This is what real visibility means.

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Make your content relevant by means of identifying your correct keywords

visibility online


Build a website that is visible to your potential customers

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Encourage potential customers to contact you to make the sale

understanding what is visibility

presence is not visibility

If your potential customers don’t know of your existence, there is little chance that they will find you searching in Google. Perhaps you search for THE NAME of your coaching website and you are able to find it in the first pages of Google results. But remember that most of those potential customers don’t know what the name of your web is. Therefore, your coaching site is invisible to 99% of possible sales prospects.


In order to be visible enough, you will need to apply a wide range of techniques and strategies to your website content.

Many, if not most, are related to your keywords. If you don’t have a main keyword or identify the wrong one for your coaching online business, this will have a negative repercussion on your visibility, and consequently on the number of potential customers who will never be able to find your website. 

Imagine you think that your main keyword is “career coaching“. 

Firstly, this is a too wide term, which may be inclusive of too many different problems you are able to help your customers solve. You must identify words that are much more detailed.  

Secondly, since there are thousands of coaches out there who, like you, want to be visible under the same keyword as yours, there is a too high competence rate , which will make it almost impossible for your coaching website to be amongst the first results that Google throws.


VISIBILITY VS aesthetics

A spectacular looking website is very well but, what if nobody is able to find it?

It serves no purpose to have a visually great website if it has zero visibility, don’t you think? 

It is much better to have a website that is visible to many potential customers, that has the right keywords and achieves its objectives. If, on top of that, it is visually attractive, great!

We cannot blame regular website designers. They have studied very hard to be able to design and to keep up with design trends. They don’t necessarily know anything about SEO, keywords, visibility, etc., since they were not trained for those purposes. Therefore, you can’t expect them to design your site based on those principles.