So I did. As a qualified life coach and website designer, I found that lots of coaches, psychologists, counsellors and therapysts struggle when building their websites or when they hire a designer to build their online business and later they find they get zero results. I devoted myself to find and give them a solution and created Web Coaching.



We'll spend as long as it takes to identify your niche and keywords, the core of your online business

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website design

We'll apply what we discover on our coaching and assessment sessions to your site design

coaching to build websites


I'll teach you how to use WordPress and to write SEO focused blogposts to boost your position in Google

web coaching: the difference

web coaching gets results

If we spend hours PRIOR to your website design, it’s with a view to get you results. We don’t need another website that looks great but doesn’t bring you any potential customers. This can only be achieved by discovering the needs of your niche and web coaching.

a carefully studied learning process

Throughout the process of web coaching you’ll learn without even trying. In our conversations, many subjects that are unknown to you now, will become everyday knowledge.

For example, I’ll talk about how to use your Free Coaching Session to sell your services or how Google works in order to show some results on their pages and not others. All this will be unconsciously internalised by you within your web coaching learning process.

wordpress training

WordPress is a software that you can manage yourself. Why should you keep making maintenance monthly payments if there’s really nothing to it? Use your money for something that really matters.

Also, I’ll teach you how to write your blogposts with a focus on getting better SEO results. That way, all the work that we have previously done, will be improved. 


You can start by contacting me to solve questions you may have or you can continue reading detailed information about the web coaching process below.

web coaching - the process


You Need Qualified Traffic

The goal of Web Coaching is to create an efficient website for your business by means of “attracting” more qualified traffic. That is, visits from users who are actively searching and ready to pay when they find the right person, company or product.

To build a site that fits that description, you will need to know your potential customer very, very well. So well, that you’ll be able to identify their needs, cravings, wants, concerns. These are what I call “pains”. Web Coaching is based on these, which will in turn reveal your keywords, essential for your positioning in Google.

Identify Niche and Pains

Therefore, we’ll start by identifying who is your ideal customer and niche, followed by their needs.

In the Internet, when someone needs a service or a product and is prepared to pay for it, they usually Google the term that will help them satisfy their need (i.e.: life coach, coach for couples, couple’s therapy) or they can also type their pain (i.e.: I want to improve my job satisfaction, my business doesn’t have enough sales, I need counselling to overcome a loss).

Research, Identify and Discover Your Keywords

Once we have identified niche and pains, we’ll continue with web coaching to determine how your potential customers phrase those pains, how they express their needs. Not everybody expresses the same idea in the same way. These will be your keywords, the terms that we need to chose carefully for the navigation menu and content of your website because they are the ones that people key in the Google search box. Follow?

Agree upon Website Navigation Menu Pages

When we have determined your main and secondary keywords, we’ll agree upon the navigation menu structure. The pages that will form your coaching website (or therapy, psychology, counselling…). The typical pages are: HOME – CONTACT – ABOUT – BLOG. Every website must have those four. But we must add the most important ones between HOME and CONTACT. Once we’ve agreed the pages we will be creating, it’s time to start your coaching website design.


First, writing

Each one of the pages that we’ve agreed will go in the navigation menu, need to be filled with content. Content and structure are the most important things of your coaching website, above its appearance. Copywriting means creating content in an attractive way to grab the attention of the user, and, ultimately, to persuade them to contact you (in the case of web coaching).

I will ask you to write the text of each page (one at a time) and send it to me. Previously I will have given you some guidance.


I will then proceed to the copywriting (edit, modify, correct your text) in order to focus it more on SEO and sales. I will send it back for your agreement. We’ll follow the same procedure with each of the pages of your coaching website. Between copies, I’ll also be configuring the backend settings of your site, thinking of possible WordPress Themes, page layouts, etc. Technical and visual stuff.

As my web coach, why don’t you write the copy, Esther?

Simple. I want the copy to capture, and the user to perceive, YOUR essence, nature and personality, not mine. The bulk of the text will be yours and I will add the copywriting and SEO parts.

Website Design

I will be designing your website almost from minute one, however, the central task of actually designing will not come until we have some copy to work with. 

Somewhere above I said that the appearance of your website is really the least important thing. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t important or that it should be overlooked. Visuals are very important online. Even if I say that being VISIBLE and FOUND VIA GOOGLE are the most important things when it comes to making sales, I want you to rest assured that the visual appearance of your coaching website is very important for me, and you can check it out by seeing some coaching websites I’ve designed. (At this point I must inform you all those websites but one are in Spanish. I’m from Spain and there’s the main bulk of my business). More about me, your web coach.

I will get a feel of what your taste regarding web design is. I’ll show you a few WordPress themes (templates) that I know will work for you and are clean, fresh and modern. Still, even bearing in mind your taste and style, you’ll have to trust me in that respect, since I am more familiar with what the website design trends are.

I will add to your coaching website everything it needs to be SEO and sales oriented, functional and efficient: calls to action, internal links, a blog, sidebars, a contact form, etc. Since I am not fond of e-mail marketing and the risks it entails regarding the Data Protection Act and GDPR 2018, I will not be including a registration / subscription form. Ask me about this if you want more info via the contact page.


Why does Web Coaching include Training?

One of the purposes of web coaching is to develop a great “on-page SEO” to design a well constructed site from its groundwork. This is paramount to a good start.

However, that the foundation is near to perfection, does not guarantee that your on-page SEO will stay optimised forever. In fact, it is very easy to mess it up, just by writing your posts. If you start writing without focusing on SEO, – which is what usually happens -, your website optimisation will soon be negatively impacted.

Since I don’t want that to happen, I include some training in your web coaching process.

Another reason to include training is that I want to give you the freedom to chose whether you want to manage your website yourself or get someone else to do it. Perhaps at the beginning you feel you are not able to manage it because you know nothing about websites, WordPress or technicalities. However, when we’ve finished our web coaching training, you’ll find that it’s tremendously easy. Some customers who started dreading the training phase ended up finding it enjoyable, entertaining and fun!

Training in WordPress basics and advanced SEO

Whether you are familiar with WordPress as a mainframe software or not, you will find it user-friendly and easy to manage. I’ll teach you the basics of WordPress so that you know your way around it.

But the most important part of this training is about Search Engine Optimisation.

During aproximately 4 to 6 hours I will teach you what Google thinks is important if you want to optimise your posts, that is, on-page SEO. There is no secret formula to SEO, but there are a few musts that you will need to apply to your blogpost writing, always. This will help both, the particular post you are writing and the whole site better its position. 

I will also teach you what is “off-page SEO” and why it is also key to your positioning in Google. I’ll give you tricks and tips to continue to improve your website performance. 


My work is finished after we’ve agreed upon your coaching website design and done our training sessions (aproximately 2 or 3 of 2 hours each). 

However, albeit not included in the process officially, I will be there for you if you need me in the following weeks after go live. I will also continue to monitor your position in Google for your main keywords. It is also my custom to check your blogposts from time to time so that I can check that you are writing them as I taught you, with a focus on SEO and sales. If not, I’ll contact you to let you know.