Hi! I'm Esther, always striving to build delightful websites

It’s such a pleasure for me to welcome you to my website. I am Esther, your web coach, and my goal is to build wonderful websites for coaches, psychologists, therapists and counsellors. Anyone who works with personal and professional development, really. I am a qualified coach by EuroInnova and the IEC in Madrid and also a website designer. I am from Madrid, although I lived many years in Brighton, UK. Now I spend every summer there, my favourite city in the world.

web coach uk
Here I am in Brighton! One of my favourite cities in the world, even though I'm from Madrid.


professional website designer online

I'm devoted to Website Design and Coaching

I work online 99% of the time because most of my customers are from outside of Madrid. I find that this is also the best and most convenient way for my clients. So, don’t worry about us being far away geographically. Nowadays we are closer than ever before.

I created Web Coaching because I truly believe that beauty is on the inside and because I love both coaching and web design. For me, being both a coach and a web designer means that not only I’m interested in building a great website for my customers, but an online business that attracts an audience interested in their services.

Now I want to know about YOU

Enough of me. I want to hear about you and your concerns about building a website. What worries you? What would you like to achieve? Contact me and let’s have a chat.